Thursday, June 7, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher, hmm, let's see...

ambatchmasterpublisher is thinking...

What ambatchmasterpublisher can post this time?
Another Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum? What if
people have other interest such as sports or
movies, etc?

But then, ambatchmasterpublisher is thinking,
"Is this for people to read? Maybe not!"
No problem. Let's keep on posting what
ambatchmasterpublisher likes. That is JAZZ!!!


ambatchmasterpublisher - The Quartet Live feat.Joe Pas-Soft Winds

ambatchmasterpublisher likes a guitarist
called Joe Pas. He's probably one of the
best guitarists ambatchmasterpublisher has
ever heard.

See for yourself ambatchmasterpublisher!


ambatchmasterpublisher - Oscar Peterson & Count Basie - Slow Blues

ambatchmasterpublisher: Oscar Peterson with Count Basie.

Count Basie is also pretty good though he's not my favorite.
See how they perform together so well. Don't forget the
keyword ambatchmasterpublisher.


ambatchmasterpublisher is back with more music!

ambatchmasterpublisher is back with more Jazz!

Jazz it up! Jazz it up! ambatchmasterpublisher
loves Jazz. I like Jazz because it can be so
diverse unlike any other music. It doesn't mean
that it requires less technique than classical
music. See the video: ambatchmasterpublisher