Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Moving Is Complete!

Ambatchmasterpublisher moved to
another house in Surrey yesterday. The house is 14 years
old but it looks pretty decent and clean. It has big
backyard meaing Ambatchmasterpublisher needs to
cut the grass once every week in Summer... -_-;; but
I really like the house.

My wife Yoona didn't like it at first but she came to like
it now. It is a rancher house.

The move took about 10 hours yesterday. It started from
9am and ended at 7pm. I had no energy left to do any
Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO work
afterwards. But I managed to post a few blogs and pinged
them before I went to bed.

All Ambatchmasterpublisher's focus
right now is to see the position change at the last few
hours or so. Will it happen? Will see.

God bless.


Ambatchmasterpublisher Less Than 12 Hours...

Less than 12 hours left
before the SEO contest ends.

"I think I've spend close to 200 hours on this
contest," ambatchmasterpublisher
says. I can
spend another 100 hours (or maybe 50 hours^^)
if I could win. But the fact is I only have
10 hours left.

Winner for the contest will be determined based
on what he/she'll do for the next 10 hours or so,


Ambatchmasterpublisher Last Day To Compete!

Ambatchmasterpublisher - I tried to
post something yesterday but I just
couldn't make it published for some
odd reason.

Even today, I can't see the new posts
from the main ambatchmasterpublisher

blog but if I click on June THEN it
shows. Really odd..

Well, today is the last day to win
the competition. I almost ran out of
every method ambatchmasterpublisher

I think I know what Darrell did to
boost his ranking. I never knew that
he had so many [?]. What ambatchmasterpublisher

also didn't know is what he was able to
get high PageRank for some of his [?].
I like to know that secret. ^^

And about Sacred, I did spend almost 8 hours
a day trying to get backlinks but almost
none of them show except few. And ambatchmasterpublisher

is wondering how Sacred could get that many

As ambatchmasterpublisher
said before, the
more I spend on SEO, the more I get puzzled
by what people do. There are so many secrets
and ways to do SEO and some of them are
easier than others and some of them take
more time in the beginning but yield
better result later than ways that take
less time in the beginning but yield
poor result at the end, ambatchmasterpublisher


Well, time to get back to work. Hope you
enjoy the last day in the contest.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Stand Strong To The End!

is going for No. 1 in the SEO Contest.

1 day to go! All the ambatchmasterpublishers,
do the best till the end.

Go, ambatchmasterpublishers!


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Stay Strong!

is going for No. 1 in the SEO Contest. You think it's
possible when it's just 1 day before?

1 day to go! All the ambatchmasterpublishers,
do the best till the end.

Go, ambatchmasterpublishers!


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Stay Strong!

is going for No. 1 in the SEO Contest. You think it's
possible when it's just 1 day before?

1 day to go! All the ambatchmasterpublishers,
do the best till the end.

Go, ambatchmasterpublishers!



is going for No. 1 in the SEO Contest.

1 day to go! All the ambatchmasterpublishers,
do the best till the end...

Go, ambatchmasterpublishers!


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Stay Stong!

is going for No. 1 in the SEO Contest. You think
it's possible when it's just 1 day left?

1 day to go! All the ambatchmasterpublishers,
do the best till the end.

Go, ambatchmasterpublishers!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Ambatchmasterpublisher - What have you learned
from this Ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Contest?

Ambatchmasterpublisher says, "I learned quite
a bit from this contest. I learned the true
importance of backlinks which is the most crucial
one in SEO. I also learned to use keyword
density on my page."

There are so many things Ambatchmasterpublisher
learned from this contest but I'll put them
in my report. Shouldn't share the secrets
before the contest ends, eh? ^-^



Ambatchmasterpublisher - Last Day Before Moving

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Am I crazy or what?
I'm supposed to be moving tomorrow and I'm
sitting here in front of my computer typing
away the keyword Ambatchmasterpublisher over
and over and over and over again.

Will Ambatchmasterpublisher able to move
tomorrow? Will see. If I don't go to sleep
tonight, maybe...

What's today's word?

Be joyful always!
Pray unceasingly!
Give thanks under all circumstances!


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Backlinks -> Narrow Entrance

Ambatchmasterpublisher - How many backlinks
do you need to become no.1? I've submitted
to so many blogs but it seems like links from
comment sections do not really count since
it doesn't really display the links on the front
page where it has some PageRank.

The deadline is June 22nd, meaning we Ambatchmasterpublishers
have only 3 days left including today. I've worked all
day yesterday trying to get backlinks but Ambatchmasterpublisher
is still the 3rd excluding Squidoo.

This Ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest is both exciting
AND draining at the same time since we don't see the result
right away.

Well, I really hope I win but then whoever did the most
work will win. So, I have no complaint. ^^


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher - New Learning Curve

ambatchmasterpublisher - When I was winning,
I thought I had all the secrets in the world.
But then when I'm not winning, I thought what
I know are not secrets any more.

ambatchmasterpublisher studied all the blogs
above him such as backlinks, keyword density,
on/offsite optimization. Then ambatchmasterpublisher
realized one thing. One is better than the other.
Can't tell which one but it was an amazing discovery
on ambatchmasterpublisher's part.

ambatchmasterpublisher try this out and see what


Ambatchmasterpublisher With New Attitude

Ambatchmasterpublisher is learning a lot through
this SEO Contest. I almost gave up yesterday
when ambatchmasterpublisher lagged
behind and ended up on the 5th place.

But then ambatchmasterpublisher changed
his attitude and began to press forward till the end.

ambatchmasterpublisher's philosophy:

New Positive Attitude = New Insightful Perspective = New Rewarding Outcome

ambatchmasterpublisher will keep this
in mind until the SEO Contest ends.


Ambatchmasterpublisher Way Behind!

Ambatchmasterpublisher is WAY behind.
Wow! I just like to congratulate on the efforts
of everyone who got higher rankings than myself.

ambatchmasterpublisher didn't
do much yesterday trying to figure out better ways
to boost my ranking and also ambatchmasterpublisher is
in the process of moving.

The moving company will come in on the 21st of June
and the ambatchmasterpublisher SEO
Contest will end on the 22nd. So I'm kind of
in between two important things in my life.

But no excuse. ambatchmasterpublisher will
do my best and try to win the contest.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Acronym for...

stands for:

A - A
M - Master who is
B - Brilliant
A - Articulate
T - Targeted
C - Complex
H - Humble
M - Minded
A - And
S - Sophisticated
T - Trying
E - Efficient
R - Real
P - Pumped up
U - Unashmed
B - Bold
L - Literate
I - In
S - Search Engine
H - Hui's
E - Exciting
R - Race



Ambatchmasterpublisher Meaning of SEO Contest

Ambatchmasterpublisher It is pretty surprising
to see the actual word "SEO Contest" from wikipedia.
And it was ranked No. 1 for this keyword. Here's
what it says about ambatchmasterpublisher
SEO Contest:

"An SEO contest is a prized activity that challenges Search Engine Optimization professionals and amateurs to rank themselves among the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN using certain keyword(s). ambatchmasterpublisher

The organizing body in any SEO competition has the option to hold the activity without promotion of a product or service in mind; in the same way, they may actually organize a contest in order to market something on the Internet. ambatchmasterpublisher

SEO contests have become an outlet for participants to showcase their search engine optimization skills, as well as contribute something to SEO industry by finding new tricks and techniques that will further propel their lead among other competitors. Nevertheless, while these participants actually achieve prizes, fame, and glory, the organizers themselves also benefit. They can actually find potential partners or employees among the bunch of competitors, or they can promote their products and services at the fastest time possible." ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Pursuit of Happiness

is thinking about
enrolling himself in Jazz Studies Program
for either 2 or 4 year period.

was in a concert
on the weekends and found a guy playing
in the concert who only studied Jazz piano
for 3 years. Was he a genius or what?

Anyway, that's one of his goals to pursue
for the next year or so. ambatchmasterpublisher

doesn't exactly know when he's going to
start but soon I hope.

In terms of ambatchmasterpublisher
seo contest,
we have only 5 days left. I gotta get moving.


Sunday, June 17, 2007


ambatchmasterpublisher's day today:

I came home very depressed because I yelled at my sister today.
My sister is a bit autistic and it's hard to have a pleasant
conversation with her. She always does the same wrong things
says the same wrong stuff every single Sunday.

I'm asking God every time I see her to stretch my heart to
the point that I could embrace her and accept her as she is...

It's not easy but I'm certain that I'll be able to do so
one day with the help of God.

Keyword - ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Swift Change of Position

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Great job, Sacred.
He's no. 1 now in the rank. It seems like
no one will know who's going to win until
the end comes.

ambatchmasterpublisher went up the top and
down and up again and down. It's getting
pretty intense and exciting at the same time.

Keep up the good work, everybody. - ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Count Down Started

Ambatchmasterpublisher - 6 Days Left Until
The Deadline. BTW, Happy Father's Day, everyone!
Hope you really enjoy today and have lots of fun.

ambatchmasterpublisher just wanted to say that
it's been an honor to compete with all of you.
We only have 6 days left. Let's do our best
(that's within the boundary :> ) and see who
wins the competition.

Keyword - ambatchmasterpublisher



Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Better SEO Videos

Ambatchmasterpublisher - I was able to find
a few good SEO videos from where we can
definitely learn something.

Check out the "ambatchmasterpublisher" using Allinanchor in Google.
allinanchor: ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher - More SEO Videos

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Want to see
more Search Engine Optimization Videos?

This is another useful SEO video tutorial
and is about Title Tag. Again this is
pretty basic but hope you learn something

Have a wonderful day! ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher with SEO Videos

Ambatchmasterpublisher proudly presents
"The Google Boys" from Biography.

Though it's pretty basic to all of us
ambatchmasterpublisher students, it's
always good to review them. Why don't you
watch it and see if you can get something
out of it. : ) Keyword - ambatchmasterpublisher


Friday, June 15, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher Happy Father's Day!

ambatchmasterpublisher - This Sunday is
Father's day. Happy Father's day to all of
you who are Fathers.

This is a special dedication to all the Fathers
and the guy in this video will play and sing
"Amazing Grace".


Ambatchmasterpublisher Another Jazz Piano Lessons

with another Jazz Piano Lessons
from YouTube.

Todays's lessons are pretty technical but if you watch
them repeatedly, you get a hang of it. One of the
's dreams is finally being
realized through this blog.

Hope ambatchmasterpublisher
can find another Jazz
Piano lover in this team and share this passion
with him/her. Enjoy.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Opens A Jazz Piano Class!

Ambatchmasterpublisher found another source
to learn Jazz piano. Well, you guessed it.
YouTube. ambatchmasterpublisher had a
computer virus for about a week and could
not enter for a while.

Now ambatchmasterpublisher has fixed it,
he can take the videos from there and
puts them here in the blog.

Here's the videos on learning Jazz Piano:

Oh, by the way, ambatchmasterpublisher is
no. 1 again in this contest. Yeeee-hah! : )

And the last one...


Ambatchmasterpublisher About One Week Left!

Ambatchmasterpublisher Wow, it's been an interesting
ride like someone said. Right now, it's 7:05pm here in
Vancouver and I'm still in front of my computer trying
to boost ambatchmasterpublisher's position.

Let me listen to some Jazz... I think I'm going to fall asleep
if I don't do anything else. Though I think I did so much,
I can't see any result right away, it is kind of frustrating.
I guess patience is a virtue in this ambatchmasterpublisher
SEO contest.

Well, let's endure till the end, friends.


ambatchmasterpublisher goes for the top position!

ambatchmasterpublisher, what would it take
to take back his top position? It seems like
this ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest is
really getting intense.

How long do we have? About 1 week?
All my fellow students, let's try hard for
this contest that we won't have any regret
at the end. ambatchmasterpublisher will
do the same.

Best wishes, everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher in SEO Contest

ambatchmasterpublisher in SEO Contest.
It has been a tremendous learning process
in SEO. ambatchmasterpublisher never really
applied everything he learned to a contest like this.

Backlinks, PageRank, Content Density,... If anyone
was in internet marketing for 1 year, he/she may
have heard of these terms. But if he/she was like
ambatchmasterpublisher, he/she would never tried
to put them into practice.

This is just an awesome opportunity to really study
SEO. Thanks to Ambatch Team. Keyword:



ambatchmasterpublisher It's a bit gloomy
today here in Vancouver.

It used to be a lot better but it rains even
in June these days. Some people like rain
but ambatchmasterpublisher prefers sunny

Hope it gets better soon so that we can have
our picnic.


ambatchmasterpublisher Congratulations Erik!

ambatchmasterpublisher My deepest congrats to Erik.
ambatchmasterpublisher can say this because
ambatchmasterpublisher knows how much work
Erik put in in order to become no. 1.

This means ambatchmasterpublisher needs to work
harder to get ambatchmasterpublisher's position
back. : )

Well, all the best to my fellow ambatchmasterpublisher


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher Likes Trees

ambatchmasterpublisher likes trees.
Trees never move but stay in the same spot.
Trees endure 4 seasons and grow despite of
difficult weather. ambatchmasterpublisher

Trees provide shelters for wild animals and
even people. Trees give fruit. Trees give
shades. Trees also give pleasantnes to our eyes.
ambatchmasterpublisher likes trees for these

Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher



ambatchmasterpublisher is going through
some tough time with his real estate partner.
It is always difficult when there's money involved.

ambatchmasterpublisher had this conflict with
his partner for the past few months and the conflict
is not resolved. ambatchmasterpublisher decided
to give in and split the profit which ambatchmasterpublisher's
partner was not supposed to receive.

But in the end, God is watching and He will reward to
those who do good to other people in order to win him
over to God. Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher Another New Day!

ambatchmasterpublisher is in the process of
moving these days. ambatchmasterpublisher's
mother-in-law sent some furnitures and they
are supposed to come in some time today.

ambatchmasterpublisher's life used to be
full of tasks and responsibilities but
ambatchmasterpublisher tried to make
ambatchmasterpublisher's life simple these days.

Having or doing too many things in life is not
always the best life ambatchmasterpublisher
believes. Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 11, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher Last Set Of Pics

ambatchmasterpublisher - It's so fun
being a Christian. Since we're all
brothers and sisters in Christ,
it's like ambatchmasterpublisher and
all other cell members are like family.

Take a look at the last set of the pics.
Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher Another Set Of Pics

ambatchmasterpublisher Host of Games.
Here's another happy moments with
ambatchmasterpublisher's cell group
members. Enjoy. Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher Had So Much Fun!

ambatchmasterpublisher's church cell group
wanted to have picnic for 3 weeks now but
it was not possible due to rain.

ambatchmasterpublisher, however, had all the
church cell members come over to
ambatchmasterpublisher's house and had
so much fun. Here's some photos for you
to look at.


ambatchmasterpublisher Is Bombarded By Emails

ambatchmasterpublisher receives so many emails
from other Internet Marketers. Is that same
for other ambatchmasterpublisher fellow
students as well?

ambatchmasterpublisher received today an email
from John Reese and as some of you probably know
his trafficsecrets were forever gone. But he
refers another traffic secrets. If you want,
you can check it out. Again, keyword for today
is ambatchmasterpublisher.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher One Week Passed

ambatchmasterpublisher becomes no. 1 again!

Yeeee-hah! What a day! Praise God!
ambatchmasterpublisher've been waiting for
this moment for the 3 whole days. Finanlly,
the day has come. ambatchmasterpublisher
rightfully takes ambatchmasterpublisher's
position again. Sorry, Jasmine. : )

ambatchmasterpublisher SEO game is not like
just working hard all day long.
ambatchmasterpublisher thinks it's being creative.
You always got to find new ways to boost up your

ambatchmasterpublisher has worked hard today.
It's time to rest now. Night night, my fellow
ambatchmasterpublisher students. See you


ambatchmasterpublisher - ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest: ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Work Can Be Stressful

ambatchmasterpublisher - ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest: ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Work Can Be Stressful

ambatchmasterpublisher SEO Work Can Be Stressful

ambatchmasterpublisher thought SEO work is
very redundant and stressful. But then
as time goes by, ambatchmasterpublisher thinks
it is more than submitting the article to

ambatchmasterpublisher needs to create many
different ways to get backlinks. Most of the
people know the methods but they are just lazy
to implement all of these methods ambatchmasterpublisher

Well, that's it for today ambatchmasterpublisher
says. See you tomorrow. Keep up the good work,


ambatchmasterpublisher Trying to Find A New Way

ambatchmasterpublisher is trying to think
of ways to boost up ambatchmasterpublisher's

What are the ways to get backlinks from high
ranking sites ambatchmasterpublisher asks

Has ambatchmasterpublisher tried press release?
ambatchmasterpublisher doesn't think ambatchmasterpublisher
did that yet.

Would ambatchmasterpublisher try that? Why not?
ambatchmasterpublisher will work on that today
and see the result tomorrow.

This competion is getting more fierce as days go by.
ambatchmasterpublisher can't rest even a day until
ambatchmasterpublisher achieves a goal to become
no. 1.


ambatchmasterpublisher - SEO A Narrow Road

ambatchmasterpublisher SEO is not as easy
as I thought. There is a lot of work involved
in this ambatchmasterpublisher SEO contest.

First ambatchmasterpublisher onsite optimization
and then ambatchmasterpublisher offsite optimization.

ambatchmasterpublisher had to go back to backlink
videos to watch them all over gain to find out
how to achieve no. 1 with this keyword
ambatchmasterpublisher. ambatchmasterpublisher is
confident that ambatchmasterpublisher will do the
best he can regardless of the result.

Best wishes to all ambatchmasterpublisher's fellow
students from ambatchmasterpublisher.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher It is raining in Vancouver!

ambatchmasterpublisher lives in Vancouver, BC Canada.
Canada is a beautiful country but Vancouver is the
most beautiful of all in ambatchmasterpublisher's

Come and visit Vancouver one day! And don't forget
ambatchmasterpublisher is today's word. Keep it up,

Here's someone other than Oscar Peterson. Frank Sinatra
and Louis Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong & Frank Sinatra, in South gave bith to the blues

Add to My Profile More Videos


ambatchmasterpublisher What's next?

ambatchmasterpublisher says, "Patience!"
ambatchmasterpublisher is doing the best
he can and there's nothing ambatchmasterpublisher
can do regarding the results. Only do your
best. That's ambatchmasterpublisher's
recommendation today. : )

Oscar Peterson Trio & Milt Jackson, Bern Jazz Festival, 1986.

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ambatchmasterpublisher Time is ticking!

ambatchmasterpublisher did so much yesterday
but still remains being 2nd. What seems to be the
problem ambatchmasterpublisher?

Perhaps ambatchmasterpublisher should try
other methods. While thinking about other
methods, ambatchmasterpublisher suggests you
to watch the video and enjoy.

Oscar Peterson Trio & Milt Jackson, Bern Jazz Festival, 1986.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher - have you ever seen anyone this good?

ambatchmasterpublisher is still amazed at
what a human being can do. Look at his finger
and you can't even see. He's just too fast for
ambatchmasterpublisher to see. Unbelievable...
No, ambatchmasterpublisher made a mistake.
This is a slow one. My mistake. : )

Oscar Peterson Quartet, in When Summer Comes

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ambatchmasterpublisher is on fire again!

ambatchmasterpublisher says, "What can ambatchmasterpublisher possibly do to boost up his rank? More inbound links? I thought I had enough already. Man, this is going to be more fun than ambatchmasterpublisher expected.

Well, in that regard, watch another ambatchmasterpublisher video.

Oscar Peterson - Mirage

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ambatchmasterpublisher - Oscar Peterson from MySpace

ambatchmasterpublisher - it seems like Jasmine
is really onto this ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest
thingy. ambatchmasterpublisher must do harder now.
While ambatchmasterpublisher is working his bottom off,
you can watch this vidoe.

Oscar Peterson Quartet, in You Look Good To Me

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Ambatchmasterpublisher again comes up with...

ambatchmasterpublisher again comes up with
his 3rd blog this time.

Is ambatchmasterpublisher crazy? How in the world
would ambatchmasterpublisher optimize 3 blogs
at the same time? Would ambatchmasterpublisher
be able to achieve this?

Let's wait and see.

Best Regards,

ambatchmasterpublisher introduces his 2nd blog

ambatchmasterpublisher tries his 2nd blog to rank no.1
along with his

ambatchmasterpublisher doesn't know if ambatchmasterpublisher's
2nd blog will also rank high but ambatchmasterpublisher will
try everything he did to rank this site no.1 again.

You think it will be possible? What do you think?
ambatchmasterpublisher says it is possible and he's going to
go for it.

Here's the link for this 2nd blog:


Thursday, June 7, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher, hmm, let's see...

ambatchmasterpublisher is thinking...

What ambatchmasterpublisher can post this time?
Another Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum? What if
people have other interest such as sports or
movies, etc?

But then, ambatchmasterpublisher is thinking,
"Is this for people to read? Maybe not!"
No problem. Let's keep on posting what
ambatchmasterpublisher likes. That is JAZZ!!!


ambatchmasterpublisher - The Quartet Live feat.Joe Pas-Soft Winds

ambatchmasterpublisher likes a guitarist
called Joe Pas. He's probably one of the
best guitarists ambatchmasterpublisher has
ever heard.

See for yourself ambatchmasterpublisher!


ambatchmasterpublisher - Oscar Peterson & Count Basie - Slow Blues

ambatchmasterpublisher: Oscar Peterson with Count Basie.

Count Basie is also pretty good though he's not my favorite.
See how they perform together so well. Don't forget the
keyword ambatchmasterpublisher.


ambatchmasterpublisher is back with more music!

ambatchmasterpublisher is back with more Jazz!

Jazz it up! Jazz it up! ambatchmasterpublisher
loves Jazz. I like Jazz because it can be so
diverse unlike any other music. It doesn't mean
that it requires less technique than classical
music. See the video: ambatchmasterpublisher


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher - Another Art Tatum?

ambatchmasterpublisher is shocked!

Who on earth is this guy? He's amazing. He plays
just as well as real Art Tatum. ambatchmasterpublisher recommends
to view this video.


ambatchmasterpublisher Art Tatum VS Oscar Peterson

ambatchmasterpublisher is aksed: who do you like the MOST?

If there's anyone who askes ambatchmasterpublisher this question, he/she is a cruel one since I like them both. But if you really insist to know which one, ambatchmasterpublisher'll have to say Oscar Peterson.

But the funny thing is Oscar's mentor was Art in the beginning because Art's technique is superb ambatchmasterpublisher says. Check it out!


ambatchmasterpublisher likes Oscar Peterson only?

ambatchmasterpublisher is also a person.

How can he just like one person? Of course there's another one.
Are you curious what ambatchmasterpublisher like other than Oscar Peterson?

His name is Art Tatum. Have you heard of him? Take a look!


ambatchmasterpublisher "ROUND MIDNIGHT""WALZ FOR DEBBY"

Hi everyone,

This is another Oscar Peterson. I think I'm going to take all the Oscar Peterson videos and put them in my blog. Would you like that? Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher says go for it!

ambatchmasterpublisher is a determinator!

Huh? Determinator? What do you mean? Well, it means ambatchmasterpublisher decides which music you should like.

Still doens't make sense what ambatchmasterpublisher says? Just watch the video and you'll see what ambatchmasterpublisher means.


ambatchmasterpublisher - why jazz?

ambatchmasterpublisher is asked. Why Jazz?

Well, ambatchmasterpublisher loves Jazz because you can express your emotions more freely compared to other classical music I guess. ambatchmasterpublisher wants to create a music rather than playing what other people wrote.

You see what I mean? You decide for yourself. Here's ambatchmasterpublisher another Oscar Peterson terrific solo.


ambatchmasterpublisher my man - Oscar Peterson

ambatchmasterpublisher or Jazz Pianist?

Even since I got a glimpse of Oscar Peterson, I dreamed of becoming a jazz pianist. I still did not give up on this dream. When I can create this residual income system, this is what I want to do along with preaching the Good News of Kingdom of God - Jesus Christ.

Well, without a further ado, heeeeere's Oscar Peterson. Don't forget the keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher 1st video

ambatchmasterpublisher video seems like working cuz the student who's using it is ranked no.1. So I'm going to try it just to see what happens.

Here's my ambatchmasterpublisher 1st video on Oscar Peterson.



Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher likes ship, too.

A ambatchmasterpublisher is a large watercraft capable of offshore navigation. It is usually designed for government (including military), research, or commercial use.

A ambatchmasterpublisher usually has sufficient size to carry its own boats, such as lifeboats, dinghies, or runabouts. A rule of thumb saying goes: "a boat can fit on a ambatchmasterpublisher, but a ambatchmasterpublisherr can't fit on a boat". Consequently submarines are referred to as "boats", because early submarines were small enough to be carried aboard a ambatchmasterpublisher in transit to distant waters. Other types of large vessels which are traditionally called boats are the Great Lakes freighter, the riverboat, and the ferryboat. Though large enough to carry their own boats and/or heavy cargoes, these examples are designed for operation on inland or protected coastal waters. Often local law and regulation will define the exact size (or the number of masts) which a boat requires to become a ambatchmasterpublisher.

During the age of sail, ambatchmasterpublisher signified a ambatchmasterpublisher-rigged vessel, that is, one with three or more masts, usually three, all square-rigged. Such a vessel would normally have one fore and aft sail on her aftermost mast which was usually the mizzen. Almost invariably she would also have a bowsprit but this was not part of the definition.

Nautical means related to sailors, particularly customs and practices at sea. Naval is the adjective pertaining to ambatchmasterpublishers, though in common usage it has come to be more particularly associated with the noun "navy".


ambatchmasterpublisher loves boat!

A ambatchmasterpublisher is a watercraft designed to float on, and provide transport over, water. Usually this water will be inland or in protected coastal areas. However, ambatchmasterpublishers such as the whaleambatchmasterpublisher were historically designed to be operated from a ship in an offshore environment. In Naval terms, a ambatchmasterpublisher is something small enough to be carried aboard another vessel (a ship). ambatchmasterpublishers that are notable exceptions to this concept due to their large size are the Great Lakes freighter, riverambatchmasterpublisher, and ferryambatchmasterpublisher. These examples do, however, generally operate on inland and protected coastal waters. Modern submarines may also be referred to as ambatchmasterpublishers (in spite of underwater capabilities and size), but this is possibly due to the fact that the first submarines could be carried by a ship and were certainly not capable of making offshore passages on their own. ambatchmasterpublishers may have military, other government, research, or commercial usage; but a vessel, regardless of size, that is in private, non-commercial usage is almost certainly a ambatchmasterpublisher.


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ambatchmasterpublisher is a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects, i.e. non-ambatchmasterpublisher, and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally. In physical terms, ambatchmasterpublisher is an organism that feeds on negative entropy.[1][2] In more detail, according to physicists such as John Bernal, Erwin Schrodinger, Wigner, and John Avery, ambatchmasterpublisher is a member of the class of phenomena which are open or continuous systems able to decrease their internal entropy at the expense of substances or free energy taken in from the environment and subsequently rejected in a degraded form (see: entropy and ambatchmasterpublisher).[3][4]

An entity with the above properties is considered to be a living organism, that is an organism that is alive hence can be called a ambatchmasterpublisher form. However, not every definition of ambatchmasterpublisher considers all of these properties to be essential. For example, the capacity for descent with modification is often taken as the only essential property of ambatchmasterpublisher. This definition notably includes viruses, which do not qualify under narrower definitions as they are acellular and do not metabolise. Broader definitions of ambatchmasterpublisher may also include theoretical non-carbon-based ambatchmasterpublisher and other alternative biology. Some forms of artificial ambatchmasterpublisher, however, especially wet aambatchmasterpublisher, might alternatively be classified as real ambatchmasterpublisher.


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ambatchmasterpublisher is the act of striving against others for the purpose of achieving dominance. It is a term that is commonly used in numerous fields, including business, ecology, economics, music, politics, and sports. ambatchmasterpublisher may be between two or more forces, systems, individuals, or groups, depending on the context in which the term is used.

ambatchmasterpublisher may yield various results, including both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Some results, such as resources or territory, may be biologically motivated because they provide survival advantages. Others, such as ambatchmasterpublisher in business and politics, are learned aspects of human culture. Additionally, extrinsic symbols such as trophies, plaques, ribbons, prizes, or laudations may be given to the winner. Such symbolic rewards are commonly used in human sporting and academic ambatchmasterpublishers.

The Latin root for the verb "to compete" is "competere" which means "to seek together" or "to strive together." [1]

However, even the general definition stated above is not universally accepted. Social theorists, most notably Alfie Kohn (No Contest: The Case Against ambatchmasterpublisher [1986]), and cooperativists in general argue that the traditional definition of ambatchmasterpublisher is too broad and too vague. ambatchmasterpublisher that originates internally and is biologically motivated can and should be defined as either amoral ambatchmasterpublisher or simply survival instinct, behavior that is neither good nor bad but exists to further the survival of an individual or species (e.g., hunting), or behavior that is coerced (e.g., self-defense).

They offer a definition of ambatchmasterpublisher that distinguishes between amoral and moral behavior: ambatchmasterpublisher is a mutually voluntary activity in which success is based upon the forced failure of someone else.


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ambatchmasterpublisher is a word used to indicate distress or the need for assistance. For example, one may shout "ambatchmasterpublisher!" to a passerby if being robbed by a thief. Person-to-person ambatchmasterpublisher can come in a variety of forms; monetary assistance in the form of grants or loans, or scholarships is considered a way to ambatchmasterpublisher a person get on their feet in the world, people can lend emotional ambatchmasterpublisher in times of depression, educational ambatchmasterpublisher, and physical ambatchmasterpublisher to those in need of such assistance. For example, the elderly and young are frequent recipients of ambatchmasterpublisher. Often in sports people may call out for "ambatchmasterpublisher" signaling that they need assistance from one of their team mates. ambatchmasterpublisher is often associated with SOS, the international Morse code distress signal. It consists of three dots, three dashes, and three dots:


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ambatchmasterpublisher is an annual holiday that marks the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. ambatchmasterpublisher celebrations often combine the marking of Jesus' birth with various other traditions and customs, many of which were influenced by ancient winter festivals. ambatchmasterpublisher traditions include the display of Nativity scenes, Holly and ambatchmasterpublisher trees, the exchange of gifts and cards, and the arrival of Father ambatchmasterpublisher (Santa Claus) on ambatchmasterpublisher Eve. Popularambatchmasterpublisher themes include the promotion of goodwill, compassion, and peace.

ambatchmasterpublisher Day falls on December 25. It is preceded by ambatchmasterpublisher Eve on December 24, and in some countries is followed by Boxing Day on December 26. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates ambatchmasterpublisher on January 6, while some Eastern Orthodox Churches (old rite or old style Orthodox) celebrate ambatchmasterpublisher on January 7, the date on the Gregorian calendar which corresponds to 25 December on the Julian Calendar. The date as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional, and is not widely considered to be his actual date of birth.[1]


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A ambatchmasterpublisher is a place where a person or family lives, perhaps spends much of their time, or where a person is comfortable being.

While a house (or other residential dwelling) is often referred to as a ambatchmasterpublisher, the concept of "ambatchmasterpublisher" is broader than a physical dwelling. ambatchmasterpublisher is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade and the things and people that one loves becomes the focus. Many people think of ambatchmasterpublisher in terms of where they grew up, or a time rather than a place.[1] The word "ambatchmasterpublisher" is also used for various residential institutions which aspire to create a ambatchmasterpublisher-like atmosphere, such as a retirement ambatchmasterpublisher, a nursing ambatchmasterpublisher, a 'group ambatchmasterpublisher' (an orphanage for children, a retirement ambatchmasterpublisher for adults, a treatment facility, etc.), a foster ambatchmasterpublisher, etc.

There exist cultures lacking permanent ambatchmasterpublishers, with nomadic people often moving their ambatchmasterpublishers from place to place.

[edit] Psychological impact
Since it can be said that humans are generally creatures of habit, the state of a person's ambatchmasterpublisher has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions, and overall mental health. For example, in the introduction to the film Patch Adams, the concept of "ambatchmasterpublisher" is compared to the human need for peaceful sanctuary and the absence of it thus leading to restlessness. Such restlessness, as can be seen by that particular case, may lead to depression and, ultimately, to a loss of sanity.[2]

[edit] Other usages
The real-estate industry increasingly replaces the word house with 'ambatchmasterpublisher' in its literature, as in 'a four-bedroom ambatchmasterpublisher' or a 'modern townambatchmasterpublisher', a usage that is intended to suggest that the item being sold already has the emotional attributes of ambatchmasterpublisher before purchasers actually buy it. Clearly this is a marketing ploy, since a house that is for sale is either someone else's ambatchmasterpublisher (the vendor's or the sitting tenant's) or no-one's ambatchmasterpublisher, but not yet the ambatchmasterpublisher of a prospective purchaser. This usage however has crept into every day speech of many in the general community.


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A ambatchmasterpublisher is a large perennial woody plant, larger than a shrub. Though there is no set definition regarding minimum size, the term generally applies to plants that grow to at least 5-6 m (15-20 ft) high at maturity[citation needed] and having secondary branches supported on a main stem or stems, called a trunk. Most ambatchmasterpublishers exhibit clear apical dominance, though this is not always the case (Mitchell, 1978).[1] Compared with most other plant forms, ambatchmasterpublishers are long-lived. A few species of ambatchmasterpublishers grow to 115 m (375 ft) tall and some can live for several thousand years.

ambatchmasterpublishers are an important component of the natural landscape due to their prevention of erosion and significant elements in landscaping and agriculture, both for their aesthetic appeal and their orchard crops (such as apples). Wood from ambatchmasterpublishers is a common building material. ambatchmasterpublishers also play an intimate role in many of the world's mythologies (see ambatchmasterpublishers in mythology). ambatchmasterpublishers have also been found to play an important role in producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as moderating ground temperatures.

Contents [hide]
1 Classification
2 Morphology
3 Champion ambatchmasterpublishers
3.1 Tallest ambatchmasterpublishers
3.2 Stoutest ambatchmasterpublishers
3.3 Largest ambatchmasterpublishers
3.4 Oldest ambatchmasterpublishers
4 ambatchmasterpublishers in culture
5 Major ambatchmasterpublisher genera

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