Sunday, June 17, 2007


ambatchmasterpublisher's day today:

I came home very depressed because I yelled at my sister today.
My sister is a bit autistic and it's hard to have a pleasant
conversation with her. She always does the same wrong things
says the same wrong stuff every single Sunday.

I'm asking God every time I see her to stretch my heart to
the point that I could embrace her and accept her as she is...

It's not easy but I'm certain that I'll be able to do so
one day with the help of God.

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Ambatchmasterpublisher - Swift Change of Position

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Great job, Sacred.
He's no. 1 now in the rank. It seems like
no one will know who's going to win until
the end comes.

ambatchmasterpublisher went up the top and
down and up again and down. It's getting
pretty intense and exciting at the same time.

Keep up the good work, everybody. - ambatchmasterpublisher


Ambatchmasterpublisher - Count Down Started

Ambatchmasterpublisher - 6 Days Left Until
The Deadline. BTW, Happy Father's Day, everyone!
Hope you really enjoy today and have lots of fun.

ambatchmasterpublisher just wanted to say that
it's been an honor to compete with all of you.
We only have 6 days left. Let's do our best
(that's within the boundary :> ) and see who
wins the competition.

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