Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher - New Learning Curve

ambatchmasterpublisher - When I was winning,
I thought I had all the secrets in the world.
But then when I'm not winning, I thought what
I know are not secrets any more.

ambatchmasterpublisher studied all the blogs
above him such as backlinks, keyword density,
on/offsite optimization. Then ambatchmasterpublisher
realized one thing. One is better than the other.
Can't tell which one but it was an amazing discovery
on ambatchmasterpublisher's part.

ambatchmasterpublisher try this out and see what


Ambatchmasterpublisher With New Attitude

Ambatchmasterpublisher is learning a lot through
this SEO Contest. I almost gave up yesterday
when ambatchmasterpublisher lagged
behind and ended up on the 5th place.

But then ambatchmasterpublisher changed
his attitude and began to press forward till the end.

ambatchmasterpublisher's philosophy:

New Positive Attitude = New Insightful Perspective = New Rewarding Outcome

ambatchmasterpublisher will keep this
in mind until the SEO Contest ends.


Ambatchmasterpublisher Way Behind!

Ambatchmasterpublisher is WAY behind.
Wow! I just like to congratulate on the efforts
of everyone who got higher rankings than myself.

ambatchmasterpublisher didn't
do much yesterday trying to figure out better ways
to boost my ranking and also ambatchmasterpublisher is
in the process of moving.

The moving company will come in on the 21st of June
and the ambatchmasterpublisher SEO
Contest will end on the 22nd. So I'm kind of
in between two important things in my life.

But no excuse. ambatchmasterpublisher will
do my best and try to win the contest.