Friday, June 8, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher - have you ever seen anyone this good?

ambatchmasterpublisher is still amazed at
what a human being can do. Look at his finger
and you can't even see. He's just too fast for
ambatchmasterpublisher to see. Unbelievable...
No, ambatchmasterpublisher made a mistake.
This is a slow one. My mistake. : )

Oscar Peterson Quartet, in When Summer Comes

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ambatchmasterpublisher is on fire again!

ambatchmasterpublisher says, "What can ambatchmasterpublisher possibly do to boost up his rank? More inbound links? I thought I had enough already. Man, this is going to be more fun than ambatchmasterpublisher expected.

Well, in that regard, watch another ambatchmasterpublisher video.

Oscar Peterson - Mirage

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ambatchmasterpublisher - Oscar Peterson from MySpace

ambatchmasterpublisher - it seems like Jasmine
is really onto this ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest
thingy. ambatchmasterpublisher must do harder now.
While ambatchmasterpublisher is working his bottom off,
you can watch this vidoe.

Oscar Peterson Quartet, in You Look Good To Me

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Ambatchmasterpublisher again comes up with...

ambatchmasterpublisher again comes up with
his 3rd blog this time.

Is ambatchmasterpublisher crazy? How in the world
would ambatchmasterpublisher optimize 3 blogs
at the same time? Would ambatchmasterpublisher
be able to achieve this?

Let's wait and see.

Best Regards,

ambatchmasterpublisher introduces his 2nd blog

ambatchmasterpublisher tries his 2nd blog to rank no.1
along with his

ambatchmasterpublisher doesn't know if ambatchmasterpublisher's
2nd blog will also rank high but ambatchmasterpublisher will
try everything he did to rank this site no.1 again.

You think it will be possible? What do you think?
ambatchmasterpublisher says it is possible and he's going to
go for it.

Here's the link for this 2nd blog: