Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ambatchmasterpublisher Likes Trees

ambatchmasterpublisher likes trees.
Trees never move but stay in the same spot.
Trees endure 4 seasons and grow despite of
difficult weather. ambatchmasterpublisher

Trees provide shelters for wild animals and
even people. Trees give fruit. Trees give
shades. Trees also give pleasantnes to our eyes.
ambatchmasterpublisher likes trees for these

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ambatchmasterpublisher is going through
some tough time with his real estate partner.
It is always difficult when there's money involved.

ambatchmasterpublisher had this conflict with
his partner for the past few months and the conflict
is not resolved. ambatchmasterpublisher decided
to give in and split the profit which ambatchmasterpublisher's
partner was not supposed to receive.

But in the end, God is watching and He will reward to
those who do good to other people in order to win him
over to God. Keyword: ambatchmasterpublisher


ambatchmasterpublisher Another New Day!

ambatchmasterpublisher is in the process of
moving these days. ambatchmasterpublisher's
mother-in-law sent some furnitures and they
are supposed to come in some time today.

ambatchmasterpublisher's life used to be
full of tasks and responsibilities but
ambatchmasterpublisher tried to make
ambatchmasterpublisher's life simple these days.

Having or doing too many things in life is not
always the best life ambatchmasterpublisher
believes. Thanks for reading.