Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher - Backlinks -> Narrow Entrance

Ambatchmasterpublisher - How many backlinks
do you need to become no.1? I've submitted
to so many blogs but it seems like links from
comment sections do not really count since
it doesn't really display the links on the front
page where it has some PageRank.

The deadline is June 22nd, meaning we Ambatchmasterpublishers
have only 3 days left including today. I've worked all
day yesterday trying to get backlinks but Ambatchmasterpublisher
is still the 3rd excluding Squidoo.

This Ambatchmasterpublisher seo contest is both exciting
AND draining at the same time since we don't see the result
right away.

Well, I really hope I win but then whoever did the most
work will win. So, I have no complaint. ^^