Friday, June 22, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Last Day To Compete!

Ambatchmasterpublisher - I tried to
post something yesterday but I just
couldn't make it published for some
odd reason.

Even today, I can't see the new posts
from the main ambatchmasterpublisher

blog but if I click on June THEN it
shows. Really odd..

Well, today is the last day to win
the competition. I almost ran out of
every method ambatchmasterpublisher

I think I know what Darrell did to
boost his ranking. I never knew that
he had so many [?]. What ambatchmasterpublisher

also didn't know is what he was able to
get high PageRank for some of his [?].
I like to know that secret. ^^

And about Sacred, I did spend almost 8 hours
a day trying to get backlinks but almost
none of them show except few. And ambatchmasterpublisher

is wondering how Sacred could get that many

As ambatchmasterpublisher
said before, the
more I spend on SEO, the more I get puzzled
by what people do. There are so many secrets
and ways to do SEO and some of them are
easier than others and some of them take
more time in the beginning but yield
better result later than ways that take
less time in the beginning but yield
poor result at the end, ambatchmasterpublisher


Well, time to get back to work. Hope you
enjoy the last day in the contest.